Living up to the “super” in Super Cobra Jet

A lot of you remember the Sonoma Raceway as Sears Point and though the name has changed its purpose remains the same… blistering fast Speed.

On July 18th J. Bittle, owner of JBA Speed Shop did just that. Driving the JBA Speed Shop/ Schwartz Racing 2014 Ford Mustang Super Cobra Jet J. made an initial pass of 9.04 seconds. As is always his way J. and crew adjusted and tweaked the car using knowledge and a few trade secrets earned from years of experience in the high-performance industry. It was then back to the track for a second pass that rewarded their efforts with a time of 8.998 seconds. While breaking less than nine seconds was a step in the right direction they knew that lower times and faster speed was possible. The next run at 8.882 J. and the car got it done. Cutting of .116 allowed the car to barrel down the track at 152 MHP run and a time of 8.882 seconds.

You’re probably asking yourself what happened to that forth run? Well you’ll just have to come on down to the shop and maybe J. will fill you in and show you some more footage. Until then enjoy this clip of the highlights of the Races.

JBA Seed Shop, Just Bad Ass.

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